Coaching Director

Ivette Carcas

Ivette's extremely active lifestyle started with studying classical ballet at the age of seven. She continued teaching and dancing semi-professionally for 21 years. After ballet, she studied Flamenco in Spain and came back to the US to dance professionally for eight years. During this time she managed to get her Bachelor of Science and went on to get a Master's degree in Architecture. Within those years she also became a spinning instructor and developed a curiosity for nutrition and weight loss.

Nutrition became more of a focus for her upon finding CrossFit in 2010, where she was introduced to the Zone and Paleo approaches. In trying to become a better CrossFit athlete, she began researching the importance of carbs for fuel and started casually counting macros. CrossFit became a gateway to Olympic lifting. This was an enticing sport, but the aspect of "making weight" brought back many bad memories of "trying to be skinny" as a classical ballerina.

Team WAG helped Ivette fine tune her macro counting so that "making weight" became a thing of the past. The concept of "living at weight" allowed her to focus on PRing, rather than cutting. Her passion for the WAG program grew so much that she left her lifetime career as an architect and pursued a Master's Degree in Nutrition and Human Performance. Ivette then became the Director of Coaching for WAG and has never looked back.

Ivette is currently focusing her training towards getting on the podium at the Pan American Masters and World Masters Championships. This is an on-going journey, while also continuing her studies in Flamenco and Latin Ballroom dance as well.