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Substitute Coach

Haley Mansur

Haley Mansur grew up in Gresham, Oregon, where she played basketball for 14 years before transitioning to play at the college level for several years. After she completed her degree in Health Science at Portland State University, she started running, but once she found CrossFit, that’s where her focus went.

Haley has been part of the CrossFit community for three years. During her second year, which was also her first year competing, she advanced to Regionals as a part of a team. She knew that if she wanted to compete at her best level, she would need to focus more on her nutrition—and that’s when she found Working Against Gravity. She wanted to get strong and lean out, and WAG was the key to getting there. She loves how paying attention to macronutrients and nutrition creates a fuel that allows the body to perform at high levels. It amazes her how far you can push your body when you eat properly.

In April 2018, Haley competed in her first Olympic Meet. She recently just finished her MBA and currently works for Oregon Health & Science University. She enjoys all aspects of a healthy lifestyle and staying active, and loves the time she gets to spend hiking the gorge with her friends and family.