Substitute Coach

Emily Taylor

From an early age Emily could pick up almost any ball and be great at the sport. She has played multiple sports throughout her life, but was drawn to ones that let her showcase her strength and speed, predominantly soccer and lacrosse. She went on to play Division II Lacrosse and Rugby at Franklin Pierce University in New Hampshire, where she studied Elementary Education and English. 

As her college career ended, she found herself missing the camaraderie that accompanies team sports. Emily had always loved running, so she turned to 5Ks, 10Ks, half marathons, full marathons and sprint triathlons. Emily found CrossFit shortly after college and was instantly hooked. She obtained her Level 1 Certification in 2015 and has been training athletes in the sport ever since. 

Being physically active was how Emily was able to cope with childhood illnesses. Emily was born without a thyroid, which has contributed to many other health-related difficulties that she and her body have had to work around, overcome and conquer. Emily turned to WAG hoping to concentrate on properly fueling her body while building strength and maintaining a healthy physique. Growing up and even as an adult, Emily has felt the pressure of expectation. Having always been petite and muscular from an early age, Emily felt that if her body deviated at all from her “standard mold” that she would be criticized. Learning the ins and outs of nutrition through her experience as a WAG client has helped Emily let go and care less about how others perceive or judge her appearance.

Emily resides in Vermont with her husband Kyle and their Chocolate Lab, Sydney. She currently works as a second-grade teacher and a part-time CrossFit coach at her affiliate Droptine CrossFit. In her free time she enjoys traveling, hiking, reading, CrossFit, long naps and margaritas (sugar on the rim, por favor!).