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Crosby Lee

Crosby began his athletic career as a hockey and soccer player. In his high school years he chose soccer as his main focus. This lead him to play college soccer and in his later years of college soccer he found Crossfit as a way to train. After starting Crossfit he found a passion for nutrition and helping other reach their goals! While he turns to Crossfit now as a way to keep his competitive edge and remain in shape! Outside of the gym you might find Crosby on the lake paddle boarding, spending quality time with his puppy and wife, and hiking the beautiful mountains of Colorado! Crosby is all about getting out of the gym and trying new things and using his fitness in many different avenues of life.

Once a Team WAG client, Crosby has first-hand experience to making healthy choices but also knowing when it is ok to indulge. Crosby enjoys sharing his knowledge and experience with others to help them become the best version of themselves!