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Substitute Coach

Carly Fuhrer

Carly has always been a go-getter and always wears a smile on her face. Once she puts her mind to something, there is really no slowing down.

She is extremely passionate about sports, fitness, and nutrition. She’s always willing to learn more, work harder, and be the best version of herself so that she can help others achieve their dreams/goals.

Carly grew up being extremely active in multiple sports but would say basketball is an easy favorite. When sports were no longer a part of her daily routine, she stayed active by running. She never truly found a groove, however, and missed being competitive in sports.

In 2014 she was introduced to CrossFit. She quickly fell in love with the variety of each workout. Not long after being in the gym, her competitive edge snuck back in. She felt a burning desire to be the best she could.

In 2015, she qualified for CrossFit Regionals! In 2016, she stepped it up a notch and also qualified for the CrossFit games. She then qualified again in 2017.

Today, she trains for fun (mainly Olympic weightlifting). Will she compete again? Maybe…

Throughout her career as an athlete, Carly learned the importance of food and how vital it is to enhance performance and life. The more she learned, the more passionate she became.  She wanted to show the world that food isn’t the enemy.

As a coach here at WAG, she is excited to help others learn the importance of fueling their body and being the best version of themselves.

Outside of fitness and nutrition, Carly loves anything outdoors. She enjoys camping, hiking, hunting, wakeboarding, snowboarding, riding (horses), reading and her absolute favorite — mowing the lawn.

Carly lives in central Oregon with her husband Clinton, their daughter Davison and their dog Danner. She is a coach at Boss Sports performance, working with both youth and adult athletes.