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Brad Giglio

Brad began working out in high school where he found a passion for fitness and working with others. He realized that fitness and health were his true passions so he studied to become an Athletic Trainer. Given his desire to serve a greater purpose, he joined the military and advanced his knowledge in fitness and began to study nutrition independently. Brad trained as a semi professional MMA fighter, but found a true love for coaching. This lead him to becoming a personal trainer and nutrition counselor where he trained everyone from teens to college athletes, focusing on weight loss management, performance, and everything in between. He then got heavily into body building and even competed and used that platform to coach athletes in local and pro bodybuilding and figure competitions. Through this journey Brad found CrossFit and Olympic lifting and was drawn to and inspired by those in the community. Soon thereafter he joined WAG in looking for some extra accountability and to expand his knowledge on nutrition and macro counting and its ability to increase performance and body composition. Brad currently lives in Traverse City, Michigan and follows his passion of training and helping others meet their performance and nutritional goals