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Ashley Smith

After playing college softball, Ashley was introduced to Crossfit as a new way of pushing herself while enjoying a competitive atmosphere. However, it was at a local weightlifting meet, where she was inspired by all the strong female lifters that she decided to start weightlifting.

Before WAG, she tried every diet out there and was caught in the avoid-binge cycle that resulted from restricted dieting. She came to the point where she was beyond tired and frustrated with the lack of results, despite all the hard work she was putting in at the gym.

"I knew something was missing and that something had to change," she says, so she signed up with WAG with an open mind.

With the help of WAG, Ashley was able to drop from 75+kg to 69kg while maintaining her strength in the gym and hitting PR’s.

Her passion is helping people develop the skills and tools needed to achieve sustainable results that fit their lifestyles so that in all seasons of life they can be successful!

About a year ago Ashley and her husband sold their house and bought the 5th wheel of their dreams.  They are now living in it full time as her husband goes back to school! Her current hobby is exploring Texas and eating BBQ!