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Ashley Crocker

Ashley grew up a dancer and has always had a passion for being active. After her dance career came to an end, she began to look for another competitive outlet. She found CrossFit and immediately loved it! Focusing on getting stronger and faster instead of obsessing about how she looked was a welcomed change. Growing up in the dance world caused her to develop a lot of body image issues. Never feeling skinny enough or good enough caused her to have a awful relationship with food. 

CrossFit helped Ashley realize that food is fuel, not the enemy! She decided to finally learn about how to eat to improve her performance in the gym and found flexible dieting in 2014. Flexible dieting improved her gym performance and body composition dramatically. But learning that there are truly no “good” or “bad” foods changed her life.        

Ashley joined WAG to fine tune her macros and for the accountability of a coach. It has made all the difference in her journey and loves the WAG community! After seeing what a difference WAG made in her life, she knew she wanted to be part of Team WAG to help others improve their lives. She wants to help everyone find balance in their nutrition through flexible dieting and for people to be confident in every aspect of their life! 

Outside of fitness and nutrition, she loves being outside! On the weekends you can find her hiking and exploring with her dog, Murph.