Substitute Coach

Andrew Eckert

Andrew was never an athletic person growing up, and struggled with his weight most of his life. After getting tired of doing only bicep curls and tricep extensions with his own training, he started to look for a regimented training program and found CrossFit Park Ave in Rochester, NY in 2017. 

After a couple years of crossfit training, Andrew wanted to learn more about his nutrition and how he could keep the weight off that he had lost to span over his entire lifetime.

Through one-on-one nutrition coaching with Team WAG, Andrew not only learned what foods to be eating and how much food to be eating, but how to navigate social obstacles, traveling, and any other food related instances that would impact someone's lifestyle. This changed his life, and he began to teach the way of flexible dieting to anyone who would listen. 

When Andrew isn't helping to coach others, he loves coffee shop reading sessions, spending any time he can with friends and family, as well as looking for new local meals to try!

Andrew also loves to teach others about personal leadership, and how to help them reach their own potential to create the life they want with their relationship with food and fitness.