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Amy Locati

Amy’s active lifestyle comes from working on the family farm harvesting onions, moving sprinkler pipe, and bucking hay bales, but when she wasn’t out in the dirt, she was also highly involved in gymnastics, dance, and cheerleading.

She was introduced to CrossFit in 2012 when her small town opened its first box. CrossFit taught her to love and respect her body and to be proud of her muscles. Picking up a heavy barbell, listening to loud music and working out alongside friends is the best part of her day.

She began refining her diet and studying nutrition mostly to improve her body composition and CrossFit performance, not to lose weight.

WAG taught her the importance of counting macronutrients while remaining flexible with her food choices, but it also changed her mindset and helped her find a better balance within the rest of her life, which was equally significant.

Now she is mentally and physically stronger, has more confidence, and is living a more fulfilled life overall! Her success with WAG drove her to want to share the gift of flexible dieting knowledge and that freedom of choice with others.

To her, changing people’s lives in a sustainable way and helping them reach their goals is the most rewarding thing of all.

Amy is a CrossFit coach and an avid foodie. When she’s not in the gym you’ll likely find her in the kitchen experimenting with recipes, or taking care of the “Victory garden” she created with her dad in the backyard. 

On her days off she enjoys shopping at the farmer’s market, heading to the family cabin at Wallowa Lake, or spending a low-key night at home with her husband and her cat.