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Alexa Colwell

Alexa grew up having a passion for sports and healthy living. She participated in 8 years of competitive cheerleading, and as a result, she was always conscious of what she was eating and how she was treating her body to help her stay in shape for competition.

After tearing her ACL in 2010, she was introduced to CrossFit as a form of her rehab. She found a special passion for Olympic Weightlifting through CrossFit and tapped into her potential in the sport.

She is now a nationally competitive weightlifter in the 59kg class. She is not only a 5x national qualifier but has also won some medals in the process!

She currently lifts and competes for Power & Grace Performance weightlifting team.

Through her personal nutrition journey with WAG, she has seen firsthand the benefits of counting macronutrients for the purpose of helping her become better at her sport, maintaining her weight, and fueling her body properly.

She realized that appropriate macro and micronutrients in her diet were an integral part of being an athlete and living a healthy, sustainable lifestyle. She made it her goal to help people find the same kind of freedom and success through dialing in their nutrition the way WAG did for her.

She currently lives in Rochester, NY with her husband, Brennen. She works full-time for WAG as a Coach, Coach Support, and Coach Certification Trainer.

She and Brennen have a barn/gym on their property where you'll likely find them training (and most likely listening to country music, too!). She has 4 pups (yup, 4!), and is always finding ways to get outside with them.

Alexa has a strong desire to help people change their lives, reach goals they never thought were possible, and help them find freedom through their own nutrition. She knows continuing education is important to improving her coaching style and is always finding ways to read/listen to podcasts/obtain certifications to educate herself for her clients.

Alexa brings the same kind of passion to her clients as she does to competing on the platform. She is ready to help change lives today!