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Substitute Coach

Alanna Edwards

Growing up, Alanna didn’t practice an active or healthy lifestyle. She struggled with her weight and self-esteem for all of her formative years and then into college.

It wasn’t until her last years of college that she discovered fitness through an introduction to CrossFit. She got a part-time job at a local gym and was coerced into the first workout by her new coworkers.

It was this style of five days a week training that became addicting and sparked an interest in something out of her comfort zone which fueled her future hobbies and career.

With a new interest in fitness, Alanna was set on practicing the information she was learning in her dietetics classes. That’s when she found Working Against Gravity. Her experience with WAG completely changed her outlook on food, and she finally began to view it as fuel.

Her knowledge of nutrition combined with her training opened up an opportunity for her to compete locally and begin helping others with their own health.

Now, as a WAG coach herself, Alanna hopes her clients feel the same confidence and ability to achieve their goals that she gained with her initial WAG experience.

She wants to motivate them to stay positive and resilient throughout the ups and downs of their health and fitness journey, and she’s dedicated to being there every step of the way.