Better performance in weightlifting was the primary goal; aesthetics, secondary


The program has been great. I had some doubts when I started and had never counted macros before beginning WAG. It was a big challenge for me at first, but my coach, Hillary Rizor, was very understanding and worked with me throughout my struggles. In the 36+ weeks I have been in WAG, I have gotten married, bought a house, and gotten a dog. Despite all these huge changes in my personal life, I was able to set lifetime PRs in weightlifting, lose weight, AND gain muscle during that period. With everything going on, I wasn't perfect with my diet. However, under Hillary's guidance, I was able to stick to the plan the majority of the time and make the best of these difficult situations. WAG has helped me think about food differently and find ways to have fun with friends and family without having a detrimental effect on my performance goals.

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