Get as strong and athletic as possible and get as lean as possible. Try and fight the ongoing battle of being a competitive eater instead of working out!


Started at about 213 right (week 1 shows 209) and last week weighed in at 191. I just wanted to get as lean as possible while keeping my strength if not increasing it. I have always had success getting lean but not doing it while increasing strength the way WAG and Ivette have shown me. Next I am looking to add on size and slowly slowly control the "bulking" process because that's where one table spoon of peanut butter always becomes "well whatever I'm trying to get big half a jar is fine."

I work in the fitness industry and yes I do this for a living too... but can't you always learn to do something better? There is always someone who knows more and can show you something! That's what WAG and Ivette have done for me. It's amazing to have someone to check in with and help and adjust things weekly. I also really appreciate that it's not just an email of "here are your numbers good luck!" Not only is there dialogue to help with your physical changes, Ivette has been awesome with helping with a lot of additional homework to help the mental side of things as well! If you have been waiting for any reason to join... stop waiting and give it a go because it works and they will work hard to make sure it does!

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