I have heard that my WAG-journey has been slightly different for me than for many other people

— Stina Nordström


finding my physical and mental well being, become more lean without loosing strength.

I have heard that my WAG-journey has been slightly different for me than for many other people. Many people starts with WAG to lose a lot of extra weight, get lean, bulk or change their body composition overall. When I started with WAG I wasn’t that heavy but I had gained some unwanted weight, I was stressed out over my work situation as a residence of OB/GYN and I had the worst relationship with food.

A couple of years ago I started with Crossfit, as many other people in that community I also initiated a fairly strict Paleo-diet and trained several times a week. At first my body composition changed and I was very happy about it. As time went by, I became less strict with my Paleo, eating less protein and more fat and carbs. The paleo-diet was hard to perform when going out on restaurants, meeting with non-Paleo friends and live a normal life. My work-situation with long hour day-work, nightshifts and weekends spent at the hospital made my training situation collapse a little by little and the food situation worsened drastically over the last year. Even though I have always eaten a good diet, I was hungry and hunger makes you do worse food choices. At night coming home late, I ate what I could find at home before dinner, which often was just some granola with yoghurt, to try keep down the calories, which meant even more hunger in the evening and eating more food but with a lot of guilt. The guilt situation became worse with gaining weight, I became more stressed out over my decreasing health, sleeping worse than ever, feeling tired when waking up, no energy for training, pain in my body, working more, worse food choices etc. Overall a viscous cycle that I had to do something about.

I think it is here my story changes. One of my friends started with WAG some months earlier than me and I felt initially that is wasn’t something for me. I can’t weigh my food, I can’t eat that many carbs and I can definitely not log everything that I do. But I did it anyway because I felt I needed to drastically change my food, training, and lifestyle which obviously wasn’t that healthy as I thought. I signed up for WAG and came in contact with my coach Hillary Rizor. She ordered the amount of food that I should eat, I started logging in MFP and I ate according to my macros. I haven’t eaten this much food, felt this satisfied and had guilt-free eating for many years. And for me I haven’t realized how bad my relationship with food was until now. For me it was easier to have the amount of food determined before hand, and eat accordingly. I could eat what ever I wanted as long as it fitted my macros. This was a game changer for my since I had lived with so much guilt when eating before, especially during night after work. With the right type of food I can eat large amounts of food to keep full, have energy for training and work and still change my body composition and become leaner. When the food situation in my life came in balance, I started to focus on my training, sleeping and working habits. I started with long distance running, bought a racer bike and took a swimming class to become a more efficient swimmer. I also started with yoga, which I try to do once a week. Everyday I perform 10 minutes of meditation to keep my focus. This type of training keeps my mental health more in balance than Crossfit, which for me in periods has accelerated my stress even more. Life is about finding those things that make you feel good without being too comfortable. Now I do Crossfit 1-3 times a week depending on my work and life situation.

My way of living, eating and training has changed to the better these last 4 months and I couldn’t have done this without Hillary, my coach. Together with Hillary I have learned what type of food works as fuel for me, how to carb cycle my meals according to what type of training I have planned to perform but also when during the day what type of carbs I should eat. We have focused on the whole picture, to improve both my mental and physical well-being. For the future I will continue counting my macros and use the knowledge I have gained from being a part of the WAG community.

Thank you Hillary for being such a great and understanding coach!

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