Get shredded and stay strong (that was original goal. Now I think it is called the Jacked Attack plan).


I originally weighed in at around 215-220. I Didn’t really have a specific weight loss goal, but wanted to keep, and improve, strength while getting ripped up. After about three weeks I was well on my way to my goals. My bodyweight was dropping and I was hitting PR’s in the gym all the while. After adhering to the Team WAG programming strictly for about three months, I was down around 190-195 and strong as ever. My coaches and I decided to do a “bulk phase” and pack on some lean mass. About two weeks into the bulk I tested my body fat and was sitting at 7.4%. I never dreamed of being this low! And this was into a bulk phase! I was made a believer quickly! Trust the coaches and you will achieve your goals. Be patient and as strict as you can and you will be amazed at the results! Eat what you want (some ice cream almost nightly), and look the way you want! Thank you Team WAG!

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