I started with more of a goal for "body recomp". I wanted to drop body fat but not lose strength/muscle so I didn't anticipate losing a lot of weight, I thought I would just replace fat for muscle.


It has been life changing. I have learned so much. I come from a macro counting system but was eating too much. I was stuck. I struggled to get help and followed WAG for a long time. I told myself it couldn't hurt to just give it three months and if it was no different I could cancel. Having a personal coach makes all the difference. Check ins weekly and all the data to hold you accountable is amazing. Hillary has been the best, even when I have wanted to quit or was afraid of something. I struggled with a bad relationship with food in the past and sometimes those demons want to creep in. The thing I might love the most is just how maintainable this is. I am not in a place of extreme restriction, I can still eat things I love and I don't have to be perfect 100% of the time. I went in for a follow up bod pod just today. In three months I have dropped 5.2% body fat (now sitting at 17.7%), 9.5 lbs of fat and gained a pound of muscle. I have gotten the exact result I asked for in the beginning. I have PR'd almost all my lifts in the last few months and have PR'd several benchmark metcons as well as my mile time by almost a minute. I could go on and on. I cannot thank Hillary and this program enough for all of my progress thus far.

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