My goal was to build a healthier relationship with my body and my food. I tied my self worth to my body and what others saw for so long, and used food as an emotional crutch. I wanted to fuel my body better for competition and learn to love myself for me, not anything else. I initially lost 14 pounds, but have since bulked out a little bit and put on some muscle :)


I have genuinely loved my experience with WAG. It has been so interesting to be given the tools to succeed but to also have the freedom to decide when/how I want to. You are as successful as you want to be on this program. Your coach and the WAG community will help you change. Ultimately, like any lifestyle change, it's up to you! WAG has helped me truly take a look into myself and my nutrition and wonder "why am I doing this?" "am I doing this for me or for others?" I have my ups and downs as everyone does, but it's completely changed my viewpoint on nutrition and how to properly fuel my body.

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