My goal when I started WAG was to regain a healthy weight and lifestyle and build a positive relationship with food. I'm now down 45 lbs. and counting!


It may sound crazy but getting shoulder surgery to repair a torn labrum in January 2017 turned out to be one of the best things that have happened to me as an adult because it led me to WAG. The process of recovering from shoulder surgery threw me for a complete loop. I was sure that I would be the exception and recover in a few shorts months and be back to training in no time. That was not the case. Instead, it was a long, frustrating process that also led me to completely indulge in my negative relationship with food, overeating processed foods, lots of sugar and binging weekly. It felt nearly impossible to feel motivated to work out when I had to either modify so many exercises and would inadvertently reiterate my shoulder. All of those factors combined and I gained 50-lbs.

In the 8 months post surgery. It got to the point where any movement felt like dragging my body through sludge, I couldn't even zip up the winter coat I had worn last season because it no longer fit. I was fed up. Enter WAG and the absolute best coach I have ever worked with Ali Carey. In my mind, there are three important pillars to the WAG program that make it the most effective program I have ever experienced.

  1. WAG considers the whole individual. In past attempts to work with nutrition coaches it was all business, if it wasn't exactly food related we didn't talk about it. The WAG program is different in that coaches actually want to know about everything that is going on in your life and they use that to inform how they coach you, to meet you where you are. WAG coaches guide you not only as it relates to your macros but other lifestyle goals as well that will contribute to your success. My coach Ali has helped me numerous lifestyle goals that have contributed to my success including flossing more, reading for fun, getting more sleep and making sure I am hydrated.

  2. This brings me to my next point. WAG coaches use all of this helpful information that you share to making their coaching as nuanced as possible. For example, my coach Ali gauges how to update my macros based on what is happening in my daily life. There was one instance where I had written to her asking if it was time to change up my macros because I was feeling motivated to continue to make progress. She wrote back and pointed out that I was about to head out on a two-week vacation during one week of which I was taking an agreed upon break from counting macros. She explained that if she were to take my macros down right before my trip then it would leave me way hungrier heading into a break and a lot more likely to overindulge. I hadn't even thought of that potential but my coach was thinking that far ahead, was anticipating that complex scenario and was positively and effectively setting me up for success!

  3. The third quality that stands out to me about WAG is that they are not there to bully you into success. In every aspect of the program, it is clear that WAG coaches appreciate that each client is unique, that working on nutrition basically requires working through a lot of emotional baggage as well and as result, this process requires compassion and understanding above all else. One of the most profound exchanges that I had with my coach Ali was when I wrote to her after mindfully overindulging on my 30th birthday. The scale was up with water weight and I was eager to get back on track and in response, she shared a quote by Laura Schoenfeld that has stayed with me since, "life is way too short to be obsessing over your diet all the time. But it's also too short to eat foods that make you feel bloated, tired and less than your best!" It was the perfect balance of understanding that it is absolutely okay to enjoy your birthday and celebrate with yummy food but also a gentle nudge to get right back on track with quality foods in positive quantities that would make me feel good and bring me closer to my goals.

Sign-up for WAG, it will be the best decision of your life and you will wish you did it sooner!

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