My goal was to lose body fat in a sustainable, long-term, life changing way.

I am currently trying to cut body fat which has resulted in losing 21 pounds to date!


This program so far has changed my life and relationship with food. I have been an avid CrossFitter since 2007, I have done Paleo, Whole30, and various other fad eating challenges. They all worked but they had one thing in common, they were not sustainable for real life. Anyone can live in one of these life styles for 30 days or maybe even 60-90 but when you throw in life (work, kids, house chores) it is really hard to keep up with long term. I have used guides to track my macros online and they have worked but still were not sustainable because they are consistently trying to cut your macros to stimulate weight loss. I have never eaten this much food and continued to thrive.

For twelve months prior to starting WAG I was on another meal program that was constantly cutting my macros and put me in a very big macro deficit. My body was fighting everything I was doing and I was stuck at my weight for months no matter what I did. I didn't have a live coach I could go to for advice I just had an app that kept saying better luck next time make sure you are following the plan 100%. It got to the point that I quit and instantly shot up in weight. Once my wife told me she found WAG and was going to try it out I was all in with her.

Tracking macros is sustainable for life, some days I use my food scale some days I estimate. If im in a rush or on the road all day for work I stop and grab things I can easily scan into MFP. At the end of the day if I need to balance things out I can easily make a shake to the exact numbers I need. I would recommend anyone that is on the fence to jump in and give it a try for 3 months, be honest with your coach and be honest with yourself. The results will then follow.

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