My goal was fat loss and developing a better relationship with food. I lost 27 lbs and now working to maintain this!


WAG has been the first nutrition program that I have been able to follow regularly (and I have tried many programs) that has given great results and is realistic as I am never starving! The accountability has been the key for me, through using a food tracker that my coach can see and the weekly check-ins. I have a much better relationship with food where I have learned how to navigate eating out, the holidays and family gatherings, stressful times and special occasions, let alone day to day eating. The plan has me eating enough food that I feel satiated and have learned what foods work for me to give me energy throughout the day. Through tracking and measuring I realized I was snacking mindlessly when I wasn't even hungry, I am now aware of what I am eating when and why.

I have lost 27 lbs and feel great in my clothes! My performance in the gym has gotten better, I am a regular person (non-athlete) who just wants to feel good about myself and be strong and fit throughout life. I feel stronger in my 40's than I did in my 20's.

My coach has been excellent support, she has given me encouragement when I needed it, praise when appropriate and support and knowledge to help me learn. I am now in the maintenance phase of my program and am enjoying that too!

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