One of the best decisions I've made for ME! I signed up for the waiting list and was amazed to hear back within a couple of weeks

— Nicole Waterbury


Ultimately it came down to seeing the hard work that I knew I was putting in the gym, but not seeing the results physically. I knew that my nutrition was what needed the most help and that I couldn't do it myself. Here is what I put in my intake for

One of the best decisions I've made for ME! I signed up for the waiting list and was amazed to hear back within a couple of weeks. This was right around Mother's Day and I told myself, this is what I'm doing for me. This program makes you be honest with yourself in more ways than one. You have to want to put in the time and effort to improving yourself to be successful. WAG and Coach Crosby have given me all those tools to be successful and it shows!! One of the biggest hurdles was weighing EVERYTHING and I mean everything. And to find out how much difference that makes. And changing my views of portion sizes and even the types of meat I was eating. I have found that I live to eat volume! I am eating so many more different veggies than I would have ever thought to eat. Another hurdle was that I never, ever weighed myself. I didn't even own a scale (food scale either!). I had to learn and still is a work in progress that the scale that I step on every morning does not define me or the way I think about myself. I have decided and learned the way to judge my success has been how I feel about myself in more positive ways. How do my clothes fit, how has my performance been in the gym, how have I treated others lately. But seeing those numbers fluctuate daily can be discouraging but always think about the non-numerical wins and successes thus far from where I came from and that's where I see most of my progress. I have PRd a ton at the gym and am getting compliments upon compliments from others almost daily. Those are big wins too. But I truly love inspiring and motivating others and through my progress and success with WAG, I've inspired and motivated my friends and family (even my husband) to make a more positive change to their nutrition. They see that I can do it, so they can do. I love being a driver of change for others!!! Makes me want to work that much harder! I also feel that I have been successful because I'm consistent and driven to be held accountable not only by the scale, MFP but also my coach. If I know that someone else will be viewing my progress weekly then I know I need to get it together!

The WAG Facebook community is where it's at!!! Love all of the content and questions that get asked. And the support-AMAZING!!!

I've enjoyed all your live Facebook videos and blog posts. There is so much useful and insightful information. Even our weekly challenges on Seismic! Since starting WAG I also started the 5 minute Journal! Another huge step for me to making me a well rounded person, not just physically but mentally and emotionally too. I look forward to spending time in the morning to set goals and the reflecting in the evening about my day.

I am always looking for ways to improve myself, whether in the CrossFit gym, work or home and WAG has given me the support and tools to get me there!

I've also qualified to compete on a Team of 3 at the Granite Games this year!!! So excited to be going to Minnesota in September! I know and believe whole heartedly that WAG has given me the confidence to succeed in whatever I put my mind to and the physical feats are a plus :)

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