My goal was overall better physical condition and appearance. I wasn't focused so much on weight gain or loss as much as I was on how I felt overall and how I looked. I told my coach at the start for once in my life I wanted to feel comfortable taking my shirt off.


AMAZING!!! I am hands down in the best shape of my life right now because of this program along with the time spent in the gym. I was really overweight about 8 years ago around 240 pounds and through some radical dieting and exercise, I was able to lose about 50 pounds over a years time. From there I was able to maintain a decent weight by relatively high levels of training but I never knew enough about nutrition to really make all of the time spent in the gym pay off. I always had the mentality that I workout so I can eat whatever but then I would get frustrated because I wasn't seeing the results physically as I wanted. Around the first part of April, I decided that I needed to get serious about nutrition because I obviously couldn't outwork a bad diet to get the results I wanted. One day I was listening to a podcast done by Catalyst Athletics and they mentioned WAG. I looked WAG up and immediately signed up for the wait list.

When I started the program about 3 weeks later I didn't know what to expect but told myself I was going to stick to it no matter what for 3 months and just see where it takes me. What a great decision I made. I am not going to lie there have been times that have been frustrating and challenging but my coach has been there for me every step along the way and in the short time I have been doing this I have seen more results than anything else I have done in the past. The best part is now it is a way of life and it's not a radical diet that I can't sustain for the long haul. I can't say enough good about this program, team WAG, and my Coach. Hands down the best decision I have made for my overall health and fitness was to join team WAG!!

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