get lean! When I started I was dead set on weighing 125 for no real reason. I thought then I'd be lean enough to mass. I only cared about massing because that's what my friend was doing so I thought that's what I was "supposed" to do. Things have cha


ummm can I use the f word because that's how strongly I feel about the awesomeness of WAG! Haha but really though, it has helped me change my life and my relationship with food. I've learned what realistic serving sizes should look like for me. I've learned goal setting. Alexa has helped me with my mental training and toughness for life and for weightlifting. I've learned delayed gratification. I've learned patience. I've learned self respect and self love. I've learned boundaries. I've made personal rules and stuck to them. I've learned how to not fall apart!!! When I started dieting I hated who I was. But I've learned you can't hate yourself thin. I've learned you have to love yourself enough to make a change to be better! I didn't know who I was after I had a baby... my whole life had been turned upside down and WAG has helped me sort through the BS. Now, I just want to show people (anyone struggling but especially moms) that you really can do anything you set your mind to and not just inspite of children but because of children. It gives me such joy to know my daughter gets to see me have tough days and struggle and then also adapt to conquer whatever that adversity was. I have hope that she can learn to do the same. That she can learn to love herself and her body for what it can DO not just what it looks like especially in a world where there's so much pressure on young girls.

The other piece about mental toughness and delayed gratification for me... alexa has really taught me so much. I had a meet last Saturday and on friday my weight was still up. I started to lose it. But alexa had me reading the book "The Art of Mental Toughness" and I had just read about piece where it was basically like ..ok you get 5 minutes to be upset about this and then you have to make the choice to move on. So that's what I did. I cried bc I was nervous for 5 minutes and then I had to let it go. I learned that bc of alexa! I would never have picked that book up on my own.

Sorry that's long, I could go on forever really. One day, I dream of joining the WAG team to help others even more. I just love this company and this program.

Ok ok I promise I'm done now lol

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