When I joined last July my goal was to go maintenance for a while and develop a better relationship with food.

Since first joining WAG in 2016 I've lost a total of 18lbs, but this doesn't adequately describe the journey I've been on. I quit WAG the first time thinking I could do it on my own, and had ZERO clue transition from cutting to maintenance and the habits around that, I just didn't have the knowledge or discipline to go without a coach yet. Once I regained the weight I rejoined WAG and lost the weight again, with a LOT more knowledge and experience behind it. Left on my own for a while again, and then came back and have been working with my coach for a year now doing a reverse diet for almost 8 months, we just finished up a cut, and now we are back to cruising at maintenance averaging my lowest weight ever!


WAG has completely changed my life. I had been an elite athlete all my life, I swam in college and competed at Olympic Trails, all without any thought given to my nutrition. So when I retired from swimming, I kept the same diet I had, and gained almost 20 pounds, all while doing CrossFit 6x/week. My confidence was gone, I went from being a high level athlete, to an overweight recreational athlete, and it was a tough pill to swallow. This was not a person I recognized, but I began to accept that I had to look a little puffer, and feel less comfortable in my body. After all, I’m not training as much as I used to, how can I ever be as fit and healthy as I was? I still wasn’t aware of the role nutrition played in body composition, que the lesson on not being able to outwork a bad diet.

In 2016 I was scrolling through Instagram when I found Working Against Gravity. I stalked all the client testimonials and transformations then immediately signed up to begin working with my own nutrition coach. Slowly I started to believe there might be a way to gain my confidence back, without starving myself or doing a super strict diet. When I first started working with my coach, I had a hell of a learning curve, but eventually I lost 17lbs, weighing exactly what I did when I was competing; proving what and how much I ate mattered a lot more than how much I trained. Most importantly though, I gained my confidence back, in addition to a toolbox full of ways to navigate my diet for life. The impact this program has had on my life cannot be measured.

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