My goal was to be able to see all of the hard work I had put into changing my body. When I signed up for WAG I had recently quit drinking and made other position changes in my life, but I knew that somewhere, under a layer of fat, were some abs. And I wanted to see them! I didn't have a target weight because weight goals haven't worked in the past. I knew this time I needed a different approach. I've lost 10 pounds with WAG and can see my abs!


WAG has been an incredible learning experience. I had used other programs that count macros before and was immediately overwhelmed. WAG is different - the tools that WAG provides make it all so easy. I don't feel deprived or hungry. It's flexible, which is key because I'm an attorney and don't have much spare time. I'm using new recipes from their blog and learning from the webinars. If something isn't working, my coach is one message away and always responds quickly. I just feel so supported.

The Seismic page and the tools provided are invaluable to this experience. I love being able to see my progress by the photos, measurements and the graphs that are provided.

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