I love the WAG program and recommend it anyone that asks me about what I'm doing.

— Kristina Alcorn


My goal was to lose fat and keep the muscle. Me with less fat. I was also looking for accountability. I've tried losing weight in the past but was never able to hold myself accountable for any length of time.

I love the WAG program and recommend it anyone that asks me about what I'm doing. I've counted macros for long time so I understood the process and so it was easier for me to incorporate into my life. The flexible dieting approach works really well for me and I believe it's much more maintainable way to go in the long run. This program has also helped me with my diabetes. By counting macros much more precisely it helps determine how much insulin to take and the weight loss with it has improved my numbers tremendously. I like the online aspect as well. I can communicate with my coach at any time and it doesn't matter where we are. I've checked in from hotel rooms, cruise ships and relatives homes. And then there's the coaches. I had no idea what to expect except that someone would be assigned to me so I was anxious. It was important for me to have someone I could trust and work with. I had nothing to worry about. I was assigned to coach Brittany Werner and the results speak for themselves. Brittany is amazing and I trust her and this process completely. She and the other WAG coaches are all very knowledgeable and so very supportive of each of their clients. The WAG community is very also very supportive and inspiring.

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