My original goal was to learn to fuel my body with the right foods for workouts, lean out, and be happy with my athletic build – all in time for my 50th birthday. I felt like my body didn’t represent the time and work I was putting in at the gym.


When I started WAG, my plan was to be on the program for 3 months and see how much I could lean out before I turned 50. I didn’t have a specific goal weight and certainly didn’t plan on doing it longer than 3 months. After those three months, I knew I had so much more to learn, especially about my relationship with food. Before WAG, I had been eating mostly paleo and quickly learned I had been eating way too much fat for my size, but not enough carbs to fuel my workouts.

I had many weeks where I plateaued, but I wouldn’t trade those for anything. For me, that’s where the real learning was found. I had to ask myself some tough questions about why I wasn’t willing or able to follow the program 100%. Once I figured that out and truly committed myself, I had a major breakthrough.

My coach, Kate Hart, has been nothing but positive. My favorite line from her was, “never dread your check in- you could tell me you ate an entire 6-tier cake and I'm never going to be upset with you! Pinky swear!” When I fell off the wagon, she gave me guidance for getting back on the program. I never felt judged, only supported.

I wish I could go back in time and tell my 25 year-old self what I know at 50. Food is not the enemy. I no longer work out to punish myself for what I ate. Instead I celebrate what my body can do, and fuel it properly so it can do more. When I eat clean and within my set macros, my body thanks me by feeling and performing better. We women are so hard on ourselves with negative talk. WAG has helped me curb that habit. I’m much more gentle with myself now.

For any “masters” out there considering WAG, take the plunge. It’s not too late to make changes and improve yourself. You don’t have to be an elite athlete to be a part of this group. I do Crossfit 6 days a week, but I have to scale every workout. I was able to drop weight, yet still make progress in the gym. For me, the combination of WAG and Crossfit is my fountain of youth. At the age of 50, I feel like an athlete again and that means the world to me.

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