Increase performance. Lean out.


Four years ago, I remember looking through some photos from my family's vacation. I came to the pic on the left and wondered who the hell that was in front of me. What was happening. I had grown up fairly lean, short, stocky but lean. When did this happen?! And how did this happen?! It was as if I was blind to what my health and my body actually were. I ended up joining CrossFit early 2013 and worked my butt off. I loved it. Despite exercising several times a week, I wasn't seeing the results I wanted so my wife and I tried some nutrition challenges. They were great but ultimately weren't sustainable. After months of saving, planning, wishing, and waiting on the WAG list, I finally got an email that said I could sign up. August 31, 2016 was my first check in. At only 9 weeks in, I've seen a transformation happen that I desperately couldn't find for 3 years. WAG, Adee Cazayoux, Kate Hart, y'all are ridiculous. This couldn't have happened without y'all. Thank you. You've given me a confidence that I've never known.

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