My goal was to improve my performance in training, get a bit leaner and gain deeper knowledge of nutrition. I'm down over 11 pounds!


Joining WAG one year ago was such a good move.
 My coach is incredible and she has helped me a lot to reach my goals as an athlete, both regarding nutrition and beyond.
 It’s been a really good year and I have been competing a lot in Brazilian jiu-jitsu (BJJ) with good results. I feel so much difference in my energy levels when taking such a good care of my nutrition.

I’ve always taken care of my nutrition but I was under eating somewhere and overeating elsewhere. Over this past year, I have gained knowledge on a much deeper level. Understanding what my body needs to be energetic in training to perform at my best.
 Getting leaner in the process has been a good side effect but my main goal has always been improving performance. I’m super excited to keep working with my coach and the WAG team.

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