I wanted to gain a better relationship with food and lose weight. I was finding myself hiding in pictures and generally just unhappy with my body. With this being my son's last year at home before college I didn't want to waste this time not being in pictures with him and being unhappy. It was important to me to focus on my happiness - a happy mom = a happy kid!

I've lost 18 pounds so far!


WAG is legit! My coach has really challenged me to look at myself and focus on the WHY behind my bingeing tendencies. He's helped change my outlook on food and to learn I don't have to "let it all go" because of one (bad) day. I never thought macros really worked for me, but once I got serious about the program and followed it 100% (about 3 months ago), everything fell into place! It really works if you follow the program! Plus, my coach has really worked with me and MY body. He listened to my concerns and we worked with them - I really appreciate that the most!

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