My goal was to get help fueling my workouts and busy life. To be able to recover as well as possible and keep up my volume of training. I also wanted help to change body composition, lose body fat and gain muscle mass. We first did a cut where I lost 14 pounds, going from 135-121 pounds and then went into a massing phase to put on more muscle. I have gained 9 pounds back since the cut, so at the moment I'm 5 pounds down from my starting weight!


I couldn't be happier with the results I have got since joining Team WAG. My results in the gym wouldn't be the same without the help from my coach. What matters the most aren't getting the macros, I could probably set those up for myself but I just love having my coach to be accountable to and I look forward to my check-in every week. They help me with so many other things than just nutrition. WAG has also inspired me to start studying nutrition myself and I have started coaching nutrition and lifestyle at my gym. So WAG has also helped me to help others!

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