My goal was to get back to my pre-baby body after having two kids in two years. I have lost 20 pounds.


I have tried many different programs before and WAG has stood out far above them all. My goal was to lose 10 pounds to get back to where I was before having had two kids in two years. As the weight started coming off, I just kept focusing on my daily goals and, before I knew it, I was down 20 pounds! The focus on the entire person and how mindfulness focused nutrition can fit into your life was key for me. I loved that the program focuses on the person as a whole (sleep, mental health, stress levels). I am divorced with two toddlers and work full time, so if I had time to do this anyone can! I found it helpful to have my macros to focus on, but still have so much flexibility with what I wanted to eat. The positivity and optimism of my coach were refreshing each week. Now I am adjusting my goals to new levels that I never thought I could reach again and I have never felt better!

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