My goal was to lose body fat.

So far I've lost 17 lbs!


My experience with WAG has been incredible, I have never felt more confident in myself, my nutrition, and my performance. Prior to WAG, I was constantly trying and failing diets, often trying to do aggressive cuts that were unsustainable and ruined my performance at the gym. I found my self constantly stressed and unhappy about food, eating incredibly low carbs, and finding myself completely gassed during WODs.

After a lot of contemplation and continuously seeing and hearing about successes people were having with WAG, I decided to gift myself the initial 3 months with WAG. I figured it would be just another diet, I would get finally lose some weight, and then move on. However, I instead began a transformative journey with my amazing coach.

I was surprised at how much I was eating and how good I could feel while cutting. My coach helped me develop strategies for how to navigate family situations, drinking, etc. and how to just relax and take a break when needed. I was seeing amazing progress and soon I shifted from caring about the number on the scale to my increased skill at the gym, the way my clothes felt, the way my body recovered, etc. I stopped fearing my check-in's thinking I didn't do well enough, didn't lose enough weight and now my food was going to be cut dramatically like with other programs, but instead, I was looking forward to telling my coach about my non-scale wins, sharing recipes, and telling her I didn't punish myself mentally for not hitting a day perfectly as I would have before.

I am now 6 months in and have recently started reverse dieting and moving into maintenance, and for the first time in my life after a "diet", I feel that this progress will actually be sustainable due to the habits and skills I have built progressively over time. I couldn't have done it without my coach or WAG.

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