My goal was to maintain healthy muscle ratio while switching to a primarily plant-based diet. I've experienced a loss of 4 lbs but loss/gain/maintenance has not been a focus. My focus has been on eating a healthy amount of plant-based foods to help me recover effectively from workouts.


I cannot thank the WAG Program enough for educating me on the importance of tracking macronutrients for performance/lifestyle. I started with WAG several years ago and it is amazing to see the transformation this program has done not only for my athletic performance but my mental relationship with food and my body as well. It is true, the closer you track your nutrition the better results you will feel and see!

As a female in my early 30s I have turned my focus to optimizing my hormonal health and feeling fully recovered between sessions to decrease cortisol levels (In my 20s, I just wanted to lift heavy sh*t, run fast and worry about everything else after- lol). I had always been interested in adopting a plant-based nutrition lifestyle but was concerned about the effects it would have on my performance in the gym - I DID NOT want to lose the muscle mass I had worked so hard for the past 10 years. :) Weight loss has not been a focus in this cycle of my life. I just want to feel good - and when you feel good, you look good.

My WAG coach has been so instrumental in helping me dial in what balance of macronutrients my body has needed transition to this newly adopted way of eating. I still feel just as strong in my lifting/cardio sessions as I did when eating animal protein to perform AND my recovery between sessions has been sufficient as well. I also appreciate the weekly recipes she sends me!

My coach and I discuss mental health exercises as well which I really appreciate. I know she cares just as much about how I feel mentally when tracking than the physical photos I send her weekly. She's been an amazing teammate to have on this journey.

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