Lose weight, affect body composition


When I joined I was at the point where I was so frustrated with my body because I couldn't understand why my body didn't reflect the work I was putting in at the gym or the healthy food choices that I made. So I decided to join WAG. With the help of WAG I have lost 24 pounds and dropped 3 weight classes while getting stronger!!! However my results go much deeper than that, with the help of Adee, I learned to view food as FOOD! There is no "bad" food but instead "oversize" portions! I no longer obsess over sweet foods or try to avoid them at all cost, instead I find a portion size that fits my numbers for the day and move on! What sets WAG apart from other companies is the positive guidance you receive with every weekly check in. With their guidance I learned to create a eating lifestyle that works for me. This involved trial and error(can we say holiday season!), but in the end I have a eating lifestyle that I ENJOY and a body composition that can be maintained.

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