My goal was to find a food plan that I could stick with and be CONSISTENT! I wanted to lose weight and perform better in the gym. I wanted to trade in the quick/shortcut mindset for one that is long term and sustainable.

I've lost 20 pounds and still going strong!


I couldn't be happier with the progress I am making. Being accountable to my coach each week in my check-ins, I am able to stay on track and receive feedback on how I am doing. It is so helpful to have her review how I am feeling, what worked well, my mood, measurements, and food. She has helped me change things up that are not working, and answers ALLLLLL my questions!! She helps me stay focused on the long term, without discounting how I feel in the moment.

Being able to work so closely with a coach, and actually SEE results has really boosted my confidence. She is so encouraging, supportive and isn't afraid to give me feedback on things that I can change to see the progress I want. I noticed significant changes in the way that I approach my goals, my relationship with food, and how much better I can perform in the gym. The excitement just continues to build as I get new PR's and skills. I am no longer someone that wants the quick solution because I know it won't last. I want slow and steady results that I know I can maintain.

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