To return to being a healthy & positive role model for my kiddos, to regain my body, physical abilities, and control over my diet. My first weigh-in was 153 pounds and this morning I was 135 pounds! Only 2 pounds to reach my goal weight. Although I still have some additional goals for lean body weight versus my current composition.


I love, love, love this program. After I stopped competing (former figure competitor) I actually forgot how to eat intuitively and completely fell off the reservation. I truly did not know what to do. The accountability WAG provided was instrumental for me to stay honest with myself. But, the freedom to choose foods and face 'consequences' (whether it be feeling sluggish or eating a plate of egg whites at the end of the day) or 'rewards' for those choices (energy, tighter physique, better performance at the gym) was so empowering.

The shocking thing about WAG as a business is the encouragement they provide to learn and eventually gain the freedom to control your food choices; to become independent, with the knowledge to sustain this healthy life. I also enjoy the opportunities the coaching provides to conduct self-exploration. I've been given the chance to take a hard look at myself and the decisions I've made to lead me to 153 pounds. It's with non-judgment and encouragement from the coaches that guide me to a place where I will be more self-aware.

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