My overall goals have much more to do with performance than body composition, even though, obviously that's a factor. My goal is to be a highly competitive CrossFit athlete so leaning out and fueling myself to perform my best was my overall goal going into WAG.

I've lost 11lbs - started with a cut to get rid of any excess fat & help improve gymnastics & cardio!! Will be heading into maintenace soon(ish).... I think... only time & my coach will tell!


Overall, WAG has been amazing for me! My coach is NOTHING but supportive, even on the weeks/days where I slip up a little or need a break from the pressure (that I put on myself, obviously...) We started out on a cut and started right before the pandemic hit... I had JUST started to feel like I was gaining control of my training schedule between my two jobs & getting my nutrition dialed back in & handling the stresses of life... I'm actually in the process of coming out and, at 27, after marrying my best guy friend (ayooo talk about truth bombs... there's a lot to unpack there so we'll leave it at that...LOL)... it's been quite the process and there have been a lot of things I have felt I haven't been able to control over the last year and decided it was time to start taking control of the things I could, nutrition being one of them! 

With THAT said... my coach has been an amazing support (as a relative stranger, if we're being honest, because we've obviously never met, nor do we know each other outside of the world of Seismic & what we post on our individual instagram pages...) not only with my nutrition but with mindset, stress reduction, sleep, and overall health & wellness. I honestly wasn't sure what to expect from WAG but my coach has gone above & beyond as a coach. I feel in control of my nutrition & many other areas of my life. I've lost 11lbs & my training has only been going up. It obviously hasn't all been sunshine & rainbows, I've had hard days and hard weeks & through those, my coach reminds me that it's ok to not be ok & it's ok to not have PERFECT days every. single. day... as long as we get back on track and don't make it habit... this is a process and only one part of the journey - every step of the process isn't going to be perfect, but it's what we do with those imperfect times that really show who we are and what we're made of.. I am so incredibly thankful for Josh & WAG for all of the support, love, and encouragement I've received throughout this process... it is truly amazing!

Aside from nutrition, WAG, as a community, is crazy supportive. There is a facebook page where you can post questions, concerns, struggles, & triumphs. During the pandemic/quarantine time, we've had weekly Zoom calls that anyone in the community can join, it's really cool to have a community of strangers all tied together by a common thread to be able to connect with.. One of my ABSOLUTE favorite things is the delicious, easy, macro-friendly recipes they have on their blog.. they're life savers & make it fun to be back in the kitchen again.

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