I loved this program and what it provided aside from just aesthetics

— Rachel Ponder


my goal was to cut fat/lean out and get to low 130s so I could be better at body weight movements in CF. I wanted to be a more competitive (local) CF athlete.

I loved this program and what it provided aside from just aesthetics. Adee and her team of coaches are so uplifting and always encouraging you to love yourself as you are now rather than always chasing the illusion of perfection. My coach (Courtney) was very patient with me and called me out at the beginning of the program when I continued to come up with excuses of why I was not adhering to my macros, but did so in a very caring and subtle manner that made me stop to reflect on myself. After that I became more conscious of my choices and was able to make better ones to keep me on track. The group on FB is also a huge benefit. Everyone is encouraging and willing to help and there always a ton of articles, recipes and tips shared from the coaches and the rest of the community that I have found to be priceless. I know one article in particular helped me to continue with my journey of 'getting over' the scale... I had struggled with seeing the progress on the scale & I have jumped from 137-143 pretty regularly. I have been guilty of using the scale to dictate my progress, rather than performance and pictures, but after reading the article shared by coach Crosby, I was very encouraged!! I compared some of my progress pics side by side and was finally able to see a difference even though my weight was relatively close to my starting weight.
  • female
  • 30-39
  • athlete

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