How much time do you have?! This program was incredible

— Kelsey Gaillot


Workout without a shirt (cheesy, I know!)

How much time do you have?! This program was incredible. I was following a nutrition program loosely prior to starting WAG, which resulting in some serious weight loss (from 235 to 190 in the past year). I got to a point where I could perform at a better level, wasn't making great progress anymore, and wanted to really be able to control my nutrition and my output in the gym. I also had a cheesy goal of working out without a judgement zone! Throughout this process, I have learned from Kelsie how to fuel my body without restricting. I can focus on performing in my life, at my job, and in the gym while working with Kelsie on how to dial in my nutrition. Not only have I lost weight, but I have lost the insecurity I had about eating. I feel confident with my food choices, knowing Kelsie and WAG are familiar and in line with my goals.

WAG Wins include (not limited to): working out without a shirt, PR's in all of my lifts, ran a 7:07 mile (CRAZY!) and developed a working relationship with food.

  • 20-29
  • frequent exerciser
  • female

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