I have been working out for years and got married. We have 3 beautiful children

— John Chams


Get leaner and stronger

I have been working out for years and got married. We have 3 beautiful children.. I slacked off my diet and workout. I packed on the weight. Im 45 years young and tried to get myself back into shape and had a very difficult time.. I train hard. I did cardio for 1 hour every morning on a empty stomach and went back to the gym at night to hit the weights. My wife started looking into crossfit and thought this was a better way to train so we both joined a CrossFit box.. We trained super hard and did see some results but still was not happy.. The wife again started her research again and told me about wag.. I said I'm in we need to try somthing to get the results we are looking for.. We signed up and there was a waiting list.. I was disappointed that I had to wait.. When I finally received a email there was a spot opened and to fill out the questioner I quickly filled out and sent my payment in with happiness..This is where I met my coach Josh Holton.. I have to say my coach is AMAZING..He gave me my macros and when I started to weigh my food it was only seconds that I realized my fat was super high and that was a wake up call for me.. Here I thought my diet was good. When I looked back on what I use to eat and counted the macs for fun to compare. I was like DAAAAAM .. I can type all day about this but my fingers are getting tired.. WAG IS THE BEST. My only advise is be patience . Weighing your meals is a challenge on its own and gets stressful at the start but once you get going its a piece of cake.. Meal prep is huge and this will make you sucessful.
  • frequent exerciser
  • male
  • 40-49
  • parent

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