I did my homework about WAG before I got off the waitlist and wanted to make sure It was going to be a good choice for me

— Beth


Lose fat and gain strength

I did my homework about WAG before I got off the waitlist and wanted to make sure It was going to be a good choice for me. The price tag was what held me back at first, but investing in myself and seeing the leaps and bounds I have made in 5 months has been huge and worth every penny. I listened to a lot of the podcasts you did explaining the program and tips on how to use it to its full potential. I have learned a lot more about myself and my relationship with food in these past months as I worked hard. I truly believe that food is medicine and can really help transform someones life. I used to emotionally eat when stressed or would often "reward" myself with treats if I was in a coffee shop or somewhere special. I ran cross country and track in high school and was 110 pounds and thought I was fat. In college and after graduating I have fluctuated weight depending on stress, money, and what was going on in my life. I never saw myself as over weight, but always 5-10 lbs heavier then I thought I should be. A lot of people think I deprive myself of food or under eat, but actually WAG has really taught me about choices and how to fuel my body. It's all about the choices and what I really want. I can eat whatever I please, I just have to decide what choices I want to make in order to have that piece of pie. Like if it's a day I want to grab a drink with a friend I'll make sure I have enough macros to have that drink and plan out my day around that. I have been able to embrace who I am and what I do from consistently sticking to my numbers and knowing why and how important this is to me. When my job or life gets really stressful I can fall back on meals I have already prepped or the fact that if I over eat I have to honestly tell Kelsie about it during our check ins. Knowing I always have someone in my corner saying you are doing great and keep trying to prioritize sleeping and staying hydrated has been a great reminder and push! I will sleep more if I know Kelsie says I should work on it instead of just me being like yeah yeah I know I have to sleep more. Who knew how important sleep, hydration, and fiber were on top of my macros?!

The WAG Facebook group has been such a great tool that I value and use more than I thought I would. For instance this past week, I meal prepped out 6 days as I ramped up for a long stretch of school and work and then forgot one of my meals at home. I'm on a budget and didn't want to spend money and then was like maybe I should say fuck it and go eat whatever. Instead I posted to the group my frustration and found someone else who did the same thing. This helped me realize that I shouldn't give up on my numbers that day and instead did some research to find a macro friendly restaurant. I was back in the game with choices and now could decide whether I wanted a salad or a Turkey burger. I can always post to the group anything I'm struggling with or succeeding with and get support and encouragement. I love the constant great food finds in all parts of the country and the fact that if I I travel I have people who can recommend a box and some great places to eat. When I feel alone or weird for eating this way I know I am not alone because I am part of a community full of individuals who are going through the same thing and we all have good and bad days.

Improving the way I eat has helped me in so many other parts of life and is very important to me.I am more confident in school and how I hold myself in different situations. I have been approached a lot lately asking how much weight I have lost or whether I am fading away and what I'm doing. Sometimes I simply say I'm eating more and sleeping more and leave it at that. Or I have taken a beautiful line from another WAG member and say something along these lines "I'm consistently fueling my body with what it needs every day."

  • 20-29
  • frequent exerciser
  • female

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