Q&A with Adee, Episode 21: Tools to Strengthen Your Relationship

For their final relationship segment, Adee and her husband, Michael Cazayoux, return to talk about romance! They discuss using personality tests as tools to help your love grow with a better understanding of yourself and your partner, and how to reach a compromise when the acts of giving and receiving seem unbalanced.


Kolbe A Test

This personality test is often given by employers to learn more about what to expect from their employees. But you can use this test as a tool in your relationship as well! The results of this test show each of you how you like to get things done, who fits in which role best, and how each of you likes to communicate. You can find the test here.


5 Love Languages

Sure, love is an international language, but did you know that each of us actually speaks the language of love differently? The premise of the test is based on five different concepts: quality time, acts of service, words of affirmation, physical touch and gifts. You can use the results of this test to identify how you and your partner each prefer to receive love! You can find the test here.


Giving and Receiving

Small acts of giving are important to strengthening relationships, but if acts of giving and receiving begin to feel unbalanced, you must have a conversation to reach a compromise. The key to success here is no resentment. Remember, acts of giving never just benefit the recipient, they also help the giver. When each of you can show your partner love according to their love language, your love will grow and your life will be better!

Click the video above to watch Adee and Michael discuss using these successful strategies in their relationship and learn how to incorporate them into your life as well!

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