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Why You Should Let Go of Perfection and Stop Assigning Morality to Food

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In this week’s WAG Podcast, Renee Mahail joins Adee for a live coaching call to talk about her past attempts at macro-tracking, the pressure to be perfect, and how you can be in love with your current body and still want change.

As an officer in the US Army, Renee is used to living an active lifestyle but admits she feels her nutrition is holding her back from her goals to be leaner. If you’ve ever struggled with the idea that you have to be perfect in your nutrition approach or wondered how WAG’s “flexible coaching” approach could help you achieve your goals, this episode is for you.


  • 3:00 - How macro-tracking felt obsessive and intense in her past
  • 5:20 - What are your goals for this call?
  • 7:10 - Being an officer in the US Army
  • 11:20 - Balancing body love without conflicting with your motivation to change
  • 18:40 - Understanding nutrition is individual and releasing the “I should/shouldn’t” approach
  • 26:00 - Every strength has a shadow side 
  • 32:00 - Why we should all take a child’s approach to trying new things 
  • 38:35 - How to combat social gathering pressure
  • 46:00 - Assessing your community and environment 
  • 49:20 - The lead domino effect
  • 53:30 - A simple accountability hack to get started


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