Why Goal Setting Sucks & How to Fix It

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Have you been making progress toward achieving your goals? We all know that goal setting can be difficult, and in this episode, Michael and Adee explain why we struggle so much in this area. They break down four common reasons why people fail at goal setting and four practical steps for setting goals that actually work. Adee also shares a big goal she set for herself and explains how she’s taking steps to reach it.


  • 01:23 – Adee’s long-term goal
  • 06:43 – Why goal setting sucks
  • 07:05 – Setting outcome goals only
  • 08:54 – Not revisiting your goals
  • 10:06 – Setting too many goals 
  • 13:09 – Setting goals for the wrong reasons
  • 17:01 – How to set goals that actually work

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