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The Morning Routine Formula

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Having a solid morning routine can help get your days off to a great start, decreasing your stress and increasing your productivity. On today’s episode, Michael and Adee describe their consistent morning routine and offer some helpful tips for building one of your own. They also explain how starting with one small change can dramatically improve your mornings and your life.


  • 02:53 – Why morning routines matter
  • 07:36 – Discovering the morning routine
  • 09:13 – Going to bed earlier
  • 10:04 – Michael and Adee’s consistent routine
  • 10:57 – Meditation and breath work
  • 13:19 – Yoga 
  • 13:59 – Journaling 
  • 15:34 – Goal setting
  • 16:16 – Starting small
  • 18:34 – Building a routine

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