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The Keto Experiment: Reflecting on Three Months of the Ketogenic Diet

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In order to better serve the needs of WAG clients, Michael and Adee took on a three-month experiment with the ketogenic diet. As they wrap up those three months, the couple unpacks their experiences with the high-fat, low-carb diet and explains what they’ve learned along the way. Check out this week’s episode if you’re interested in learning more about the keto diet or want to gain some general tips for using journaling and coaching to help stick to your nutrition and diet goals.


  • 01:37 – Why keto?
  • 03:11 – The first few weeks
  • 07:14 – Continuing with the diet
  • 15:39 – Journaling as an awareness tool
  • 19:10 – Logistics of the keto diet
  • 22:48 – The importance of coaching
  • 25:16 – Who keto is good for
  • 29:17 – Who keto isn’t right for

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