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Pregnancy Tips and Resources

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Let’s talk about pregnancy!

At the time of recording this podcast, Adee was 26 weeks (about 6 ½ months) pregnant with her first baby. Pregnancy has been an incredible journey for both Michael and Adee, and in this episode, they talk candidly about their experience.

They discuss topics including:

  • The most surprising parts of pregnancy
  • What they’re most proud of during their journey so far
  • Their biggest struggles (including how to share responsibilities during pregnancy and when baby arrives)
  • How Adee has had to change her workouts during pregnancy to prevent ab separation
  • Helpful books they recommend and classes they’ve been taking

Whether you are thinking about getting pregnant in the future, you’re pregnant right now, or you want to support someone in your life who is pregnant, you will love this podcast!

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  • 2:04 – What’s been most surprising so far in pregnancy?
  • 6:52 – What has each person been most proud of during pregnancy? 
  • 11:14 – What have they struggled with most? 
  • 11:50 – How COVID-19 impacted Adee’s pregnancy experience
  • 13:14 – How exercise had to change for Adee
  • 14:36 – Changes in her pregnant body
  • 16:00 – Hiring a physical therapist
  • 17:50 – Michael determining how much to participate in everything/shared responsibilities 
  •  24:50 – Books they have been reading
  • 29:16 – Classes they are taking (hypnobirthing, breastfeeding)
  • 32:04 – Adee changing her workouts to prevent ab separation
  • 34:42 – Spinning babies exercises
  • 35:15 – Vision for what life looks like with baby


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