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In today’s episode, host Michael Cazayoux interviews Ivette Carcas, the Training Director for Working Against Gravity.

Ivette joined WAG as a client in 2014 and began working with Adee as her coach (Adee is still her coach to this day!).

Before that, Ivette trained as a ballet dancer for 27 years (she’s since switched to flamenco). She worked as an architect and has her first Master’s degree in architecture. She’s also a competitive Olympic weightlifter.

For years, Ivette sought a way to work in the nutrition world. So, when Adee offered her a job with WAG, Ivette jumped at the chance.

Since then, Ivette has become WAG’s top coach. She’s in charge of the creation and operation of our WAG Coach Certification.

In this interview, Michael and Ivette talk about the WAG Certification, including how it offers students something that no other nutrition certification offers: digital mentorship.

Certification students get hands-on feedback and support during their completion of the certification and also after graduation. Listen in to hear Ivette outline the most important skills required to be an excellent nutrition coach.

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  • 01:10 – The #1 thing people love about the coach certification: digital mentorship
  • 02:00 – How WAG helps coaches truly improve vs. just giving them information
  • 02:59 – Ivette’s career in dance
  • 03:40 – How ballet impacted Ivette’s eating habits
  • 05:10 – Discovering CrossFit and weightlifting – and WAG! 
  • 06:40 – Ivette’s career in architecture (but wanting to work in nutrition) 
  • 08:30 – Getting her nutrition master’s degree but finding more value in hands-on training
  • 09:22 – How has WAG succeeded with many similar companies in existence?
  • 12:17 – To be a great coach, you must be coachable 
  • 13:00 – Outlining the process to become a WAG Coach and the WAG Certification
  • 13:30 – Description of the six phases of the WAG Certification
  • 15:25 – Becoming a substitute coach after completing the Certification
  • 19:00 – Most common mistakes Ivette sees in sample client check-ins
  • 24:46 – Skills needed to be an excellent coach 
  • 31:48 – How to give feedback that leads to behavior change 
  • 37:29 – Overcoming a lack of confidence in your ability to coach nutrition
  • 39:20 – Hawthorne Effect (knowing someone is watching us improves productivity) 
  • 44:26 – How WAG keeps coaches and students at the cutting edge of science


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